We are very happy to announce another season of the Porsche Road Traffic Safety Programme for Schools thanks to the support of  Porsche Centre Kuwait and our friends at The Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum of Kuwait. We are looking forward to helping more students from schools across the country, both government and private, to learn how to be responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

The Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum of Kuwait first opened in October, 2010. The opening of its doors was the culmination of the dreams of many – that Kuwait would once again stand at the head of the region’s classic car community and be able to share with the world its rich cultural traditions and heritage within the automobile sector.

The main aim of establishing the museum was to document and to provide a focus for the history of Kuwait and the automobile, and to connect current and future generations to their past. For the founders of the museum, it has many aims, but the main goal is to secure the preservation of vehicles linked to Kuwait’s history, and with key events in the nation’s past.

The museum would not have been established in its current form had it not been for the kindness, benevolence and passion of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. A true car aficionado, His Highness had the wisdom and the foresight to see the value a classic car museum would add to the cultural landscape of Kuwait.

The museum is also deeply appreciative of its Board of Trustees for their guidance and advice in regard to the establishment and operations of the facility.

Today, the museum is home to a collection of more than 35 historic and classic motor vehicles. Moreover, the museum also includes a wide range of support facilities.