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The programme was launched as a result of the United Nation’s and World Health Organisation’s ‘Decade of Action for Road Safety’ initiative, with support from Kuwait’s Ministries of Interior and Education to ensure as wide an educational reach as possible. It has continued under the sponsorship of Porsche Centre Kuwait, helping to positively impact the driving habits of Kuwait’s next generation of drivers.

The Porsche Road Traffic Safety Programme for Schools is conducted by applying Porsche Kids Driving School activities in a controlled learning environment, educating children between the ages of three and seven on the importance of wearing seatbelts, how to properly use pedestrian crossings, and learning basic road signs and traffic rules.

The ‘learner drivers’ then put their new knowledge into practice and drive Porsche 911 pedal cars on a specially designed road circuit, complete with working traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, speed bumps and pedestrian crossings. Children are encouraged to respect and show consideration to other road users whilst following the ‘Golden Rules of Road Safety’.

During the past two years the programme has helped over 40,000 students from schools across the country, both government and private, learn how to be responsible drivers, passengers and pedestrians. A new curriculum guide has now been produced and is available to all schools in both English and Arabic, providing a valuable teaching resource to facilitate the integration of road and traffic safety into the school curriculum